ATAR Chemistry for the QCE

About Me

Hi, my name is Andrew Weng. I obtained an OP 2 in school and went on to obtain a BAppSc (Medical Laboratory Science – ‘with distinction’) from QUT and worked at QML in the viral serology section. I also worked in a Biochemistry lab while doing further studies. 

I spent some time in Taiwan learning Chinese and discovering an interest in teaching. I completed a BEd from ACU and eventually went on to complete an MEd at Deakin. Most of my initial teaching was with IB (over a decade) at international schools and my YT channel now has over 10K subscribers (Mr Weng IB Chemistry).

My focus is now on the ATAR system having moved back to Australia in 2017 teaching the OP system and now the ATAR system from 2020. I have now completed a full set of resources having gone under revisions and reviews for a few years now. The advantages of being online… I make a bold claim that my resources are the best and I’m up to be challenged about this. Please send me an email or make a comment online for a polite debate.