ATAR Chemistry for the QCE

Videos are better than your teacher

Quite simply, I cannot compete, even with my own videos because:

  • Videos contain a detail, clarity and conciseness that can’t be done live – see the close ups, annotations, etc in the video opposite.
  •  Videos are explicit teaching that is constantly reviewed, modified and updated – the video opposite has been watched close to three thousand times and approved in the comments by another well know Chemistry teacher (we check each others videos too).
  • Videos allow for differentiation, pausing and replay, review, preview, independent learning etc. The possibilities are endless when the video is there.

Flipping the classroom is better than not

  • Flipping the classroom works because it puts the easy tasks at home and the difficult ones in the classroom where there is teacher and peer support, rather than the traditional classroom that has the teacher talking in the class, and the student trying to solve problems themselves at home. See the video opposite for a better explanation.
  • Decades of research show flipping the classroom improves learning. The thesis for my MEd was on this but don’t trust me – Goggle scholar it!